Balloon Boy Is Now in a Heavy Metal Band

Falcon Heene - H 2015

Falcon Heene capivated the world in 2009 when it was feared he had floated away in a helium baloon.

Balloon Boy is hoping to float his way up to music success. 

Falcon Heene became a media sensation in 2009 when it was believed he had floated away in a helium balloon. When it landed 90 miles later, Falcon was not inside (as his parents had told authorities he was). The then-6-year-old was discovered asleep in his family's attic.

Shortly after, the whole thing was labeled a hoax, something the family still denies. Father Richard Heene defiantly told CNN recently that he was never charged in the hoax, though records show his wife Mayumi told authorities it was a hoax. 

In the intervening years, Falcon, now 12, and his family have moved from Colorado to Florida, where he and his two brothers play in the heavy metal band Heene Boys.

They've addressed the accusations of the hoax head-on with a song called "Balloon Boy No Hoax." 

"[A promoter once told us] instead of hiding it, we should embrace it," brother Bradford told CNN. "So we started writing melodies and thought, 'Dude, this fits. This sounds really cool.' So we went along with it."