Icelandic Crime Series 'Trapped' Gets Second Season

Trapped - H 2015
Courtesy of Toronto International Film Festival

The critically acclaimed show from 'Everest' director Baltasar Kormakur is the first high-end TV drama from Iceland.

Baltasar Kormakur's Icelandic crime series Trapped is getting a second season.

Iceland's national broadcaster RUV has renewed the series for another 10-episode run following a critically acclaimed debut.

The series focuses on a grisly murder in a small Icelandic town. When a blizzard hits, everyone is trapped in the village, including the cop investigating the killing and, likely, the murderer as well.

Season two of the series will follow the same lead characters as they examine an even more complex and challenging murder case.

“I am so excited to get to assemble this great group of talent again,” Kormakur said Wednesday in a statement. “This story is far from over. There is a lot more to come, both storywise and also concerning our lead characters, I guess we all want to get to know them a little bit better.”

Kormakur's RVK Studios, which recently produced his Icelandic feature drama The Oath, will return for the second season of Trapped, as will most of the show's cast, which includes Olafur Darri Olafsson, Bjarne Henriksen, Ingvar E. Sigurosson, Ilmur Kristjansdottir, Nina Dogg Filippusdottir and Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson.

Based on an original idea by Kormakur, the series is written by Sigurjon Kjartansson and Clive Bradley and produced by Kormakur and Magnus Vidar Sigurdsson. Dan March and Klaus Zimmermann of Dynamic Television executive produced.

Season two of the hourlong series is slated to premiere in fall 2018.

“This is thrilling news for us and our audience,” said Skarphedinn Gudmundsson, commissioning editor and head of TV for RUV. “Season one was nothing less than a phenomenon in Iceland, breaking every TV record possible and became the highest-rated series ever with an average rating of around 60 percent and over 90 percent share.”

Trapped has been an export success for Dynamic Television, which is handling world rights on the series. The first season drew more than 1.2 million viewers on BBC Four in the U.K. and upwards of 5.7 million on France 2. Season one will debut on Germany's ZDF network this fall.