Baltic Event taps 12 for co-prod'n market


LONDON -- The annual industry gathering known as the Baltic Event opens its second annual Co-Production Market on Sunday in the Estonian capital of Tallin, when more than 120 producers, film financers, distributors and film fund representatives are expected to arrive, organizers said Wednesday.

The market -- which runs Dec. 3-6 alongside the Black Nights Film Festival -- will present 12 "challenging and controversial projects" from the Baltic states, Scandinavia, Eastern and Central Europe and Russia.

Designed to help projects find wider support, it is part of a European trend toward festival-based industry sessions that seek to promote greater cooperation across the continent.

Last year's event proved itself in the progress exhibited by a number of its projects, said Riina Sildos, managing director of the Baltic Event.

"The results of the first Co-Production Market in 2005 proved the necessity and effectiveness of the event -- five of the 12 film projects presented are already approaching world screens," Sildos said in a statement.

Three of those projects were in post-production and will be presented as part of the Black Nights festival's Coming Soon section: "Midsummer Madness" (dir: Alexander Hahn, Latvia-Austria-U.K.), "Where Souls Go" (dir: Rainer Sarnet, Estonia-Austria) and "Witches and Rain" (dir: Aligmantas Puipa, Lithuania).

Two projects from last year's market -- "Yarik the Robinson" (dir: Usman Sarapov, Russia/Austria) and mockumentary "The First Balkan Dogma" (dir: Aneta Lesnikovska, Macedonia) -- were due to premiere early next year, Sildos said.

The Coming Soon program also will present a total of 11 projects in production or post-production, including the Estonian-Russian-Finnish co-production "Georg" and the Latvian project "Defenders of Riga," Sildos added.

A complete list of the 12 projects selected for the Baltic Event co-production market this year

"Children of God" dir: Dome Karukoski, producer Aleksi Bardy (Finland)

"From Belgrade with Love" dir: Bojan Vuletic, producer Miroslav Mogorovic (Serbia)

"Jacko's Lodgers" dir: Dato Janelidze, producer Ketevan Galdavadze (Georgia)

"Kid & the Killer" dir: Hannu Salonen, producer Piret Tibbo-Hudgins (Estonia)

"Little Moscow" dir: Waldemar Krzystek, producers Ewa Jacuta, Pawel Rakowski (Poland)

"Little Robbers" dir: Ivo Kalpenieks, producer Gatis Upmalis (Latvia)

"Margiris - Duke of Samogitia" dir: Sharunas Bartas, producer Donatas Zvalionis (Lithuania)

"Mutabor" dir: Can Togay, producer Peter Miskolczi (Hungary)

"Symbiosis Project" dir: Peter Modestij, producer Erik Magnusson (Sweden)

"Team" dir: Alexey German, producer Artem Vasilyev (Russia);

"The Unknown Woman" dir: Mihail Pandoursky, producer Dimitar Gotchev (Bulgaria)

"Whistleblower" dir: Karin Hard, producer Klara Bjork (Sweden)