Footage of Mother Scolding Son During Baltimore Riots Goes Viral (Video)

Mom of the Year - H 2015

Mom of the Year - H 2015

ABC affiliate WMAR filmed the woman slapping her teenage son for his apparent involvement in riots.

Violent rioting continues to overwhelm the streets of Baltimore, Maryland following Monday's funeral for Freddie Gray, an African-American man who died while in police custody, but one woman is making sure her family stays away from it.

Video footage of the ongoing riots shot by WMAR surfaced on Tuesday, showing a mother scolding her teenage son for apparently participating in the public protests. The woman, who reportedly caught her son throwing rocks at police on live television, can be seen repeatedly slapping the teen while asking, "You want to be out here doing this dumb shit? Get the f--- over here." 

The mother demands that her son, who is dressed in all-black attire, take off his face mask and hood as she angrily drags him away from the scene. Watch the video below.