'Bananaz' goes online with Babelgum

Outfit's first ever global, online premiere goes live April 20

LONDON -- Free, interactive Web platform Babelgum said Monday that it is peeling back Ceri Levy's feature doc "Bananaz," as its first ever global, online premiere.

Babelgum, which boasts TV-quality images, said the documentary about virtual cartoon band Gorillaz will roll out April 20, ahead of the movie's subsequent theatrical release via EMI.

"As an independent filmmaker it's exciting to be partnering with Babelgum and EMI, two companies who are able to connect and mobilize audiences on both a local and global level, allowing us to maximize revenue in an incredibly difficult distribution environment," "Bananaz" producer Rachel Connors said.

The movie is billed as an un-sanitized, freewheeling and intimate account of the working relationship between Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, the team behind Gorillaz.

The movie has previously unspooled on the festival circuit including the Berlin International Film Festival and the Edinburgh International Film Festival.
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