Band of Outsiders Founder Scott Sternberg Is Launching a New Brand Inspired by Utopia

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"Fuck it. Let's do this."

Scott Sternberg's new L.A. clothing project wants to recruit you. 

At least, that's what it feels like watching the new two-minute video, in which the Band of Outsiders founder (and former CAA agent) explains why he decided to wade back into the murky waters of the fashion industry. 

Entireworld Launch Announcement from Entireworld on Vimeo.

“I started thinking about this idea of utopia — building a perfect world from scratch," says Sternberg of conceptualizing the idea for the brand (called Entireworld) while vintage reels from the '70s and '80s play over the screen. "A blank slate with a sense of logic and integrity, optimism and purity."

The video features images of Brigitte Bardot and Mick Jagger pulled from grainy, light-flecked film reels, juxtaposed with feel-good advertisements like Apple's original Gandhi campaign. He takes it a step further when he says, "I started thinking about my dog, because I’m always thinking about Zod, which got me to thinking about other animals, and where they live — and how we’re all interconnected."

He brought it back down to Earth, adding, "even the trolls shitting all over this video right now" — we're all connected. His conclusion after such a realization, naturally, was "Fuck it. Let's do this." 

Little about the actual clothing line, which officially launches online April 2, is revealed in the video, though Sternberg adds that more information will be released over the next few days. From the looks of the Instagram and a brief screenshot in the video, colorful basics will play a significant role. 


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It's a complete do over for the talent agent-turned-fashion designer, who founded the L.A.-based Band of Outsiders back in 2004 with a handful of neckties. Swiftly after it's launch, the brand found favor with Hollywood darlings with cool cachet, among them Rashida Jones, Kirsten Dunst, Spike Jonze and Jason Schwartzman. Even the notoriously elusive Frank Ocean starred in a Polaroid lensed campaign in 2013, way back before the concept became an Urban Outfitters cliche. 

As Sternberg points out in the video, however, it wasn't all smooth sailing. Even though he showed his collection at New York Fashion Week, and racked up CFDA awards, he filed for bankruptcy in 2015. After he left the brand, given a second life by Belgian holding company CLCC SA, a trio of designers (Niklaus Hodel, Matthias Weber and Florian Feder) were brought on in an attempt to revive it. The one and only collection that the designers showed at New York Fashion Week was not well-received, and they were let go in 2016. In 2017, the brand focused only on menswear, which was shown by appointment in Paris. According to WWD, the brand opened a pop-up at the new Fred Segal in L.A. last February.

For Sternberg, it's goodbye to the Band for good and hello to Entireworld. Now, we'll see if he can do it all over again.


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