Bandai Namco Acquires Montreal Game Developer Reflector

Bandai Reflector Deal
Bandai Namco Entertainment

The deal to buy the company behind the 'Unknown 9' franchise continues the Japanese gaming giant's strategy of developing half its content outside of its home market.

Japanese gaming giant Bandai Namco Entertainment (BNEE) is acquiring Montreal-based developer Reflector Entertainment from Lune Rouge.

The deal, which also includes the subsidiary Reflector Interactive, is expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year and will see Reflector founder Alexandre Amancio stay on as chief creative officer. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

Bandai Namco's move to buy the company behind the Unknown 9 franchise is part of the Japanese company's strategy to produce 50 percent of its content from outside of its home country.

"The reach to worldwide audiences and the endless entertainment possibilities offered by the synergies with BNEE and the rest of the Group will provide a great long-term perspective for the team, here in Montreal," Amancio said in a statement.

Founded by Amancio in 2016, Reflector specializes in cross-platform storytelling, building what the company calls Storyworlds, which encompasses books, comics, video games, podcasts and other media.

Introduced in 2018, Unknown 9 spans a novel trilogy written by the bestselling author Layton Green, podcast episodes, a comic book series and most recently the videogame Unknown 9: Awakening.