Banderas' Green Moon launches talent label


MADRID -- Antonio Banderas' Spain-based production house Green Moon Producciones said Wednesday it is setting up a new label to focus on fresh talent from southern Spain's Andalucia region.

Nuevas Cineastas Andaluzes, which translates to New Andalucian Filmmakers, will be known by its acronym NCA and will focus on new directors, scriptwriters, art directors, directors of photography and other professionals from southern Spain, according to Green Moon executive producer Antonio Meliveo.

"We're launching the new brand because we believe in the talent from our region," Meliveo said. "We're looking to promote fresh filmmakers from our Andalucia."

NCA will look to produce one film per year.

The first film to fall under the new category will be the co-production with Seville-based Maestranza: Javier Gutierrez's "El verano de la roca," which is also the first project to roll under the two company's production alliance signed in February.

The $2 million "Verano" is set to start shooting at the end of the month and will star Eduard Fernandez and Victor Clavijo.

According to Meliveo, not all of NCA's projects will necessarily be co-produced with Maestranza.

One project that will not fall under NCA's umbrella is the feature film Banderas is looking to direct next, a historical piece based on Boabdil, the last Moorish king of Granada.

Green Moon, which produced Banderas' first Spanish-language film "Summer Rain," is in advanced talks with Spanish animation studios Kandor Graphics to form a long-term production alliance.

Kandor partners Manuel Sicilia and Raul Garcia are directing animated adventure feature "The Missing Lynx," produced by Kandor, Ricky Posner's YaYa! Films and Manuel Cristobal's Perro Verde and sold internationally by 6 Sales.

"We're very interested in animation," Meliveo said. "The deal would open the door for future collaborations that could include Banderas possibly directing an animated film."

More immediate, however, would be the option of Banderas lending his voice to "The Missing Lynx."

The Kandor deal would not necessarily fit under the NCA label because of the specific needs of animation.

"Animation requires international distribution because of the advanced technology required to make successful films," Meliveo said. "The stories and the project have to be very big so that they appeal around the world."

Even so, the fact that Kandor is located in the Andalucian city of Granada weaves neatly into the native philosophy of Green Moon, which is based in Banderas' hometown of Malaga.