Banff: TWC/Dimension to Distribute Reboot of ABC's 'ReBoot' (Exclusive)

'ReBoot' P 2015
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Corus Entertainment has ordered 26 episodes of the sequel 'ReBoot: The Guardian Code' for Canada from Rainmaker Entertainment.

The 1990s CGI sci-fi series ReBoot, which aired on ABC, is getting a long-awaited reboot in Canada, with TWC/Dimension Television picking up the international distribution rights.

Canadian broadcaster Corus Entertainment has ordered 26 episodes of the sequel Reboot: The Guardian Code from Rainmaker Entertainment. And TWC/Dimension Television will distribute the new hybrid live action and computer-animated series internationally, excluding Canada.

Jamie Piekarz, director of content at Corus Kids, and Michael Hefferon, president and chief creative officer at Rainmaker Entertainment, confirmed plans for the revival to the Hollywood Reporter at the Banff World Media Festival. The original ReBoot animated series, about sprites living in the computerized town of Mainframe, debuted on Corus’ kids channel YTV in 1994 and aired until 2001.

The classic animated kids series also aired on ABC and Cartoon Network in the U.S., and in 84 countries worldwide. Created by Hefferon, the updated Reboot: The Guardian Code series is based on the original ReBoot show created by Gavin Blair, John Grace, Phil Mitchell and Ian Pearson.

But the revived ReBoot won't look like the original series, Hefferon said. "Technology is ever-changing and Reboot: The Guardian Code will utilize the very technology inherent in the concept of the show — and prevalent in kids’ everyday lives — to drive a new type of relationship across multiple platforms," he said in a statement.

"Reboot: The Guardian Code and associated brand extensions will deliver mass appeal with a technology focus, empowering kids with the tools and confidence to chart their own course in a world that is increasingly dependent on and powered by technological knowledge," Hefferon added.

ReBoot: the Guardian Code will portray four teens — Austin, Parker, Grey and Tamra — who discover they are next-generation Guardians with a mission to save the world by defending it in an embattled cyberspace. With the help of Vera, the last surviving cyber-being from the original Guardian program, the four heroes stream into cyberspace to use their code-based powers to battle viruses unleashed by a ruthless hacker.

Known only as the Sourcerer, the hacker seeks to rule the world by controlling cyberspace. The original Megabyte character will return to the revived ReBoot series, but with a major upgrade.