Banijay creates global distribution division

Format hits include 'The Missionaries,' '71 Degrees North'

PARIS -- French production and distribution house Banijay is making its worldwide TV market takeover tour official with the creation of new global distribution division Banijay International, the company said Wednesday.

The venture will be headed up by current international director at Nordisk Karoline Spodsberg, who will take on the title of managing director of Banijay International. The division, featuring a melange of staff from both Nordisk and Banijay's distribution teams, will have offices in Paris and Copenhagen.

The Banijay International label will encompass Nordisk Film TV World's activities in addition to distributing all formats and finished programming produced by Banijay Entertainment's various companies. Banijay's format hits include "The Missionaries," "71 Degrees North" and "My Big Fat Parents."

The move comes as no surprise as Banijay has recently expanded its reach across the globe. Banijay bought British indie company Zig Zag Prods. in January after buying Egmont's Nordisk Film TV in October and launching stateside hub Angel City Factory with producers Chris Cowan and Jean-Michel Michenaud last July.

"As we continue to expand our portfolio, fulfilling our ambition to become a leader in the world's media markets, it is imperative that we optimize the value of our international brands," said Francois Brugada, Banijay Entertainment's executive vp creative and commercial affairs.
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