Bankable on 'March'

'Very violent' war movie aims for budget presales

Marc Fiszman's Bankable Films is cashing in on the new international co-production "March or Die," about Legionnaires fighting for survival in 1940s Indochina.

Bankable, the production powerhouse behind the 2006 boxoffice hit "Jean-Philippe" and the upcoming Jean-Claude Van Damme starrer "JCVD," will back the €3 million ($4.7 million) debut feature from French director Wahib.

Shooting is set to begin in July in Thailand, and Bankable hopes to finalize the budget through presales at the Festival de Cannes market. Producers are in negotiations with a major French production-distribution company set to be finalized in the coming days along with German and Thai co-producers.

Set in March 1947, "March" is based on the true story of a troop of Legionnaires cast into the jungle after pursuing Ho Chi Minh who find themselves fighting for their lives. French, German and Thai actors will round out the international cast, but no major talents are expected.

"It's a very violent movie," Fiszman said. "All of the actors will die one after the other, so it would actually be a handicap to have big stars involved."

Bankable's "JCVD," the first French-language film for Belgian-born Van Damme, is set for a June release in Gaul and will be on Gaumont's slate at the Cannes market. (partialdiff)