Two Obama Hollywood Fundraisers Set for Soap Opera Titan's Holmby Hills Estate

Obama Will Ferrell Split - H 2012
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Obama Will Ferrell Split - H 2012

Actor Will Ferrell and his wife will co-host a $35,800-per-person dinner at the home of Bradley and Colleen Bell on Feb. 15, with a concert on the lawn scheduled for earlier in the day.

Barack Obama's Hollywood fundraisers have begun selling tickets to $35,800-per-person dinner for the president at the Holmby Hills estate of soap opera producer and writer Bradley Bell and his wife Colleen, according to an invitation obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

Actor Will Ferrell and his wife Viveca Paulin are among the co-sponsors of the dinner, THR has learned.

Event organizers are also working on a line-up of musical acts to perform on the lawn of the Bells' house for earlier in the day. Those tickets start at $250 per person.

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Bradley Bell is co-creator, executive producer and head writer of The Bold and the Beautiful, a soap opera he started with his parents, William and Lee Bell, in 1987.  (The elder Bells also created The Young and the Restless.) Bradley Bell's wife Colleen is a writer and one of Obama's top Hollywood "bundlers."

On February 16, Obama is set to attend a breakfast in Corona del Mar at the home of Jeff and Nancy Stack, with tickets ranging from $2,500 to $35,800.

The upcoming events will be an important test of the Obama's support in Hollywood. Although disgruntled studio execs are expected to stay home because of the president's opposition to SOPA, Obama's Hollywood fundraisers are predicting a good showing from other members of the entertainment industry.

If the fundraisers succeed, it will send a strong message to MPAA President Chris Dodd: He doesn't have the power to stop the flow of entertainment dollars into the Obama campaign coffers.

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"No one has that kind of power," one Hollywood fundraiser complained after Dodd's recent appearance on Fox, where he threatened to cut off Hollywood campaign dollars . "The industry is very diversified. (Dodd) represents the heads of the major studios. The industry is a lot broader than that."

For those who want to get a little more for their money, Obama Victory Fund's Los Angeles representatives are selling "package" deals to all its first quarter events. Those willing to pony up $71,600 will receive two tickets to the Democrats’ five- event local 2012 speaker series, entry to a Jan. 31 reception for First Lady Michelle Obama with a photo opportunity and dinner with the president at the Bells' estate on February 15.