Obama Campaign Sets New Young-Hollywood Fundraiser (Exclusive)

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Obama's shift on gay marriage has dramatically energized gays and lesbians to raise money for the president's re-election -- especially in Hollywood.

Jared Leto, Zach Braff, Maria Bello, Darren Aronofsky and David Fincher are among those co-hosting a "Gen44" event for Obama on June 29 in Los Angeles.

Building on President Barack Obama’s recent private meeting with many of Hollywood’s leading young talents, a group drawn from the entertainment industry’s youthful elite and chaired by actor Jared Leto will stage their own Los Angeles fundraising reception for chief executive’s re-election campaign June 29, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The Friday evening event -- location TBA -- will be the largest L.A. event put together under the auspices of Gen44, the Obama campaign’s effort to energize voters under 40, whose support was crucial to the president’s election in 2008. The host committee represents a cross section of young Hollywood’s cream -- as well as a sprinkling of older stars who appeal to young audiences. The list of co-hosts Includes Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky, The Social Network director David Fincher, Zach Braff, Maria Bello and veteran rocker Peter Frampton. Tickets start at $500.

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Also listed as members of the host committee are Steve Aoki, Connie Britton, Jordan Brown, Maegan Carberry, Pankit Doshi, Johnny Galecki, Jodi Gomes, Chris Hanley, Todd Hawkins, Allan Loeb, Pat Magnarella, Samantha Millman, David Morin, Eric Ortner, Catherine Park, Jason Putorti, Maggie Q, Zachary Quinto, Ian Somerhalder, Neil Strauss, Jim Toth, Marc Webb, Jason Weinberg, Pete Wentz and Kenna.

No word yet on whether Obama or one of his emissaries will attend.

A number of the people on the list were among those who met privately with Obama at the Beverly Hilton during his most recent fundraising swing through California.