Pop Culture Passions of Obama, Romney Supporters Revealed

Romney Obama Debate Three - H 2012
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Romney Obama Debate Three - H 2012

Fans of the president like Britney Spears and "The Dark Knight," while Romney supporters favor Lady Gaga and "Hancock," according to data culled from 25 million StumbleUpon users.

It’s not just their opinions on taxes and healthcare that divide supporters of President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

According to data culled from 25 million users on the social site StumbleUpon, supporters of both candidates also differ when it comes to movies, music and a host of other pop culture categories.

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According to the data, which was made into an infographic by visual.ly, supporters of the president like Britney Spears, while Romney supporters go for Lady Gaga. Obama supporters prefer The Dark Knight, while Romney fans like Hancock more. On the comedy front Obama's camp likes Tosh.0, Romney's likes Louis C.K.

Some of the choices seem to align along liberal vs. conservative stereotypes. Obama voters favor more recent artists (Radiohead over Johnny Cash) while Romney voters stick to the classics (Marilyn Monroe over Ellen DeGeneres).

There are also few head scratchers. According to the data, Romney voters favor the liberal online magazine Salon.com, though it's no surprise Obama supporters enjoy NPR, oft a target of conservative budget cutters.

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Unfortunately, the data doesn't mention TV shows, so we can't judge whether the supporters of Obama (who has spoken fondly of Boardwalk Empire, Homeland and Modern Familiy) and Romney (who likes Modern Family and Friday Night Lights) have tastes similar to their candidates.

See the rest of the data here.