Barbara Kopple sees '3 Americas'

Partnering with City Lights TV on the documentary series

Barbara Kopple is partnering with City Lights Television on a documentary series titled "3 Americas," which will explore how class affects the day-to-day lives and behavior of three American families of varying socioeconomic status.

City Lights TV president Dave Noll said the plan is to shoot the families over six months or so and edit the footage into a 10-hour series, which will be pitched to broadcast and cable networks beginning next week. He said City Lights (Lifetime's "Your Mama Don't Dance") got in business with the Oscar-winning director by simply "cold calling" her to see whether she'd be interested.

"She obviously sees things in it that we didn't even see, and she's wildly talented," he said.

Added Kopple: " '3 Americas' is a great chance to capture two things about America today: that there truly are economic disparities in this country and that there is also an American spirit that overcomes class."

The project was created by City Lights senior development executive Cleve Keller.