Barbara Walters: Donald Sterling Backed Out of Interview

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

On Monday's "The View," Walters revealed behind-the-scenes stories from her sit-down with V. Stiviano and why the Clippers owner didn't participate.

Just days after landing an exclusive interview with V. Stiviano, the woman on the other end of Donald Sterling's recorded racist rant, Barbara Walters revealed behind-the-scenes details of the sit-down, including why the Clippers owner wasn't part of the interview.

Although it was initially reported that Walters would interview Sterling, she said on Monday's The View that he kept wavering on whether he wanted to talk, with him ultimately declining to sit down with Walters for the interview that aired Friday night.

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But Stiviano was there the whole time, while Sterling was deliberating. Walters added that she got the sense that Sterling and his relationship with Stiviano are both erratic.

"I think the relationship is unsteady, even while we were there," Walters said. "He was going to do an interview, and then he didn't, and then he did. … He went from caring about her to calling her names. He would do the interview; he wouldn't do the interview. So it's very erratic. It's hard to pin down."

Walters also added that she was able to ask Sterling, who reportedly has cancer, if he is ill, and he said no, but she added that she's not his doctor.