Barbara Walters Named Roastmaster at Betty White Friars Club Roast

Getty Images

The longtime TV journalist will preside over the May 16 dinner that will be held to both honor and mock the 90-year-old icon.

How do you make fun of one of the most accomplished and long-lasting women in television history? By signing up one of her contemporaries, of course.

The Friars Club of New York announced on Tuesday that they have named Barbara Walters as the Roastmaster of the upcoming Roast of Betty White, which will take place on May 16 in Manhattan's Sheraton Ballroom. 

“My father was a proud Friar for a great many years, and I am proud to be the Roastmaster for Betty, as she paves the way for all youngsters and adds some sex appeal to this dignified, pillar of society," Walters said in a statement.

Founded in 1904, the Club has become an iconic home for entertainers and as hosted generations' worth of roasts. Last year, director Quentin Tarantino went under the fire. White, as vital and sharp as ever, is ready for the joke assault.

“Those Friars may think I'm an easy mark, but I have 90 years of comebacks waiting for them," White said when the event was first announced. "This is such an honor to be roasted by the Friars Club. It will be an afternoon filled with dirty words, risque jokes & sex talk.....and that's just what I plan on saying!”

Walters selected White as one of her Most Fascinating People of 2010; watch their interview below.