Barber Offers Old-Man Haircuts for Misbehaving Children

Kid Haircut - S 2015

Kid Haircut - S 2015

A novel way to discipline children has arrived.

Forget time outs and spanking. There's a new punishment in town: old-man haircuts.

For some parents who cringe at the thought of corporal punishment in the traditional sense, old-man haircuts for adolescents have become the new solution.

A-1 Kutz, a barber shop and salon in Snellville, Ga., offers a free "Benjamin Button Special" three days a week to parents who want to discipline misbehaving children.

The "Benjamin Button" look is accomplished by shaving hair off a child's crown to the point that it replicates a balding elderly gentleman.


Barber  Russell Fredrick devised the cut when the father of three tested the discipline on his 12-year-old son, Rushawn, whose grades had dropped and "dramatically skyrocketed" after receiving the new do, Frederick said. So far, he's had one other parent take him up on his offer.

“There are a few people that are saying it’s emotional abuse; but on average, everyone is applauding the mother that brought the child in — and applauding me as well,” Fredrick told the Washington Post.

"When you go to discipline kids these days, they can’t necessarily use physical punishment they way parents did in the past, but they have to do something. If you don’t, and your kid ends up doing something crazy, everyone is going to say the problems started at home,” Frederick went on to say. "Parents are at a loss."

The barber did say that the haircut should be a last-resort disciplinary measure for ornery kiddos. “First, you talk or implement your restrictions. But when the conventional ways don’t work these days, you have to get creative.”

Since the barber posted the photo on Instagram, parents have expressed both interest in and disapproval of the novel form of discipline, but Fredrick still stands behind the cut.

“Shaming isn’t bad for children if it teaches respect,” the barber went on to say. “It taught me respect, it taught my parents respect, it taught my grandparents and great grandparents respect, and that’s what I’m going to stick with.”