Barbie Can Now Wear Flats for the First Time Ever

Barbie Wearing Flats Split - H 2015
Courtesy of Mattel

Barbie Wearing Flats Split - H 2015

Because after 56 years in heels, girl's feet need a break.

Though she can't stick to a career for more than a month at a time (she's had over 150 of them), there is one thing that has remained constant about Barbie: She's always in heels. Now, 56 years after she made her debut, that is about to change. 

The newest line of Fashionista Barbies will feature adjustable ankles, allowing Barbie and her crew to finally come down from their perpetually tippy-toed stance. But that's not the only makeover being introduced for the new line. Mattel announced that Fashionista dolls will also come in eight different skin tones, 14 different facial sculpts, 18 eye colors, 22 hair styles and 23 hair colors.

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Flats have been a hot topic of conversation following Cannes' #flatgate, when women were turned away for not wearing heels on the red carpet. Since the fiasco, stars like Emily Blunt and Rashida Jones have weighed in on the "sexist" policy, and flats have been trending on the red-carpet, too,  seen on the likes of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, as well as Karlie Kloss, at the CFDA Awards.

Let's just hope that Barbie's dream house closet has enough room for all those ballet flats, gladiator sandals and sneakers.