Barbie Ferreira Reveals Her Favorite Fashion Look From the Golden Globes

Barbie Ferreira_Kerry Washington_Split - Getty - H 2020
Michael Tran/FilmMagic; VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

The 'Euphoria' actress and first-ever Becca Cosmetics ambassador raves about Kerry Washington’s topless Altuzarra ensemble.

Aerie model and new Becca Cosmetics ambassador Barbie Ferreira is becoming one of Hollywood’s rising young style stars, thanks in part to her over-the-top beauty looks as Kat on HBO’s teen hit Euphoria.

But Ferreira, 23, has a style icon of her own, revealing to The Hollywood Reporter that her favorite red carpet ensemble of Sunday’s Golden Globes was that of Kerry Washington. With the help of stylist Law Roach, the Scandal star donned Altuzarra's Yori blazer and Manami skirt — sans shirt — for the show.

"Kerry Washington looked bomb. I loved that," Ferreira says. "I saw [her] in passing but I was not about to enter that personal bubble. I'm like, 'You queen. I'm staying away in my lane right because you're queen and I'm bowing down.' That was my favorite look. … I was at the InStyle party, I was watching it, I was like, 'Damn. That's a dress.' It was good. I loved it with her little boobies coming out a little. Die."

As for her own sense of style, Ferreira admits she was a "little emo kid" growing up and wore a suit to her prom. "I was not about to wear some bedazzled dress," she said. This awards season, however, "I've seen there's a lot more suits on women. Love to see it. Love to wear a suit."

Her tastes seem to change daily and she no longer has an aversion to sparkly, "girly" pieces. "Now I'm like, 'I like it a little. I kind of like it a lot.' I like that fantasy of really sparkly things," Ferreira tells The Hollywood Reporter.

She donned a mint green Madiyah Al Sharqi slip dress and a swipe of hot pink eyeshadow for the Globes, calling it her "baby look." Ferreira wanted the pink to "be completely opposite" from her new choppy, black hairdo.

One constant throughout her evolving fashion tastes has been Becca Cosmetics’ highlighters, which she used to apply under foundation as a kid (now she recommends just cheekbones and the ridge of the nose).

As a new ambassador of the beauty brand, Ferreira helped launch its Light Shifter Brightening Concealer at a party in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday. She’s the first-ever face of the company, although Chrissy Teigen and Khloe Kardashian each previously collaborated with Becca on products, including body oils, glow face palettes and lip glosses, meaning a Barbie line isn't out of the question. 

"It's been a staple of mine. To be able to work with a brand that has really good quality products and also has the vibe that I like, which is glittery, pretty ... it was a dream come true," Ferreira says. (Among those to congratulate Ferreira on Instagram about her role were her Euphoria co-stars Sydney Sweeney and Maude Apatow.)

Another beauty dichotomy: While she loves getting glammed up, Ferreira doesn’t often wear many products on a day off. "Most of the time I'm not wearing a lot of makeup. I'm, like, wearing a beanie and a big T-shirt, but another day I'm in a corset going to the Whole Foods produce section," she says. "I've been in Whole Foods in heels. Sometimes I'll dress up for a meeting that lasts like 15 minutes, and then I'll end up somewhere else, fully decked out in hair and makeup that I did myself."

Ferreira has also been "messing with" her hair for the past few months. "I just did a movie [Unpregnant] where I had green hair and bangs, so after I got blue hair, and then I had a little bit of pink in my hair. I cut my hair the other day, because I did a mullet for Fashion Week and I wanted a version of that for myself that was real and not 1,000 extensions that I could never put in myself," she adds.

It, too, is part of Ferreira's whole undefined style: "When I have hair that's interesting, I can get away with wearing not much, like a T-shirt. It makes me feel better to wear something really girly if I have something a little different up top."