#SocialGathering: @BarbieStyle Releases Book; Amanda Bynes Blames Weed for Crazy Tweets

Barbie: The Art of Barbie Style Book Cover - Publicity - Embed 2017
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And Beyonce's stylist whips up a prom dress for $4.

Can't keep up with what's been going on in the social media world? Fret not. Here, a gathering of what stars, artists and brands have been up to this week on social media.


Barbie isn't just a fashion icon in the flesh, or rather the plastic. The @BarbieStyle Instagram channel has established her as a force to be reckoned with on social media, too. Competing with the top fashion bloggers in the world, the @BarbieStyle Instagram has more than 1.7 million followers and counting. The Art of @BarbieStyle, ($50 on Assouline.com) published June 1 by Assouline, takes a curated, detailed look at the famed account. The book highlights Barbie's lifestyle and shows her weekend, party and travel looks, pairing the images with quotes from Buddha to Diana Vreeland


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2017 is definitely Ikea's reusable shopping bag year. Balenciaga now has a cornflower blue bag ($2,150 on MrPorter.com), similar in scale to Ikea's giant reusable tote. While editors were quick to draw comparisons to Andy Warhol's screen prints of iconic product packaging, what's inspiring people on social media is the idea of making things DIY-style out of those iconic, cornflower blue bags that ring in at a whopping 99 cents. If it sounds like a Project Runway challenge — you're right. The show has challenged contestants to make looks out of shopping bags and more.


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Marnie Senofonte, Beyonce and Kendall Jenner's stylist, made an entire "prom" look for $4 and now has fans asking her to make the same look for Beyonce. Fashion blogger Coco, 6, posted a photo with a tot-sized Ikea purse. Too cute. 


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Amanda Bynes Announces Comeback

Long before President Trump's crazy Twitter antics, there was Amanda Bynes. Bynes sat down for an exclusive one-on-one with Fashion/Celebrity blogger Diana Madison and revealed she was high on marijuana during her 2013 mental health crisis. Now a Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising student, Bynes also spends time "taking cycling classes and feeding the homeless," according to the interview, and is planning a comeback in the near future.