Barbra Streisand Debuts Anti-Trump Music Video for Single "Don’t Lie to Me"

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“Don’t Lie to Me” is a single off of her upcoming album ‘Walls.’

Barbra Streisand is getting political once again. 

This morning, the 76-year-old Oscar-winner premiered a music video for her new single "Don't Lie to Me" on her YouTube channel. The political video depicts images of protests, President Donald Trump and the president speaking in contradictions. 

The singer-songwriter had dropped a few hints on her Instagram account of when the music video would become available to view, including a photo of what appears to be a Brett Kavanaugh protest accompanied with the lyric “Can’t you see I’m crying.” 





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“Don’t Lie to Me,” which debuted back in September, is a single off of her upcoming album Walls

Streisand told the Associated Press the inspiration for the politically-charged single came during a road trip. While in the car the singer was "listening to lies, listening to things that are such craziness," on the news about Trump and his administration, which made her feel ill. 

A lifelong Democrat, Streisand, is no stranger to politics. She has campaigned and donated funds to many Democratic politicians — most recently, Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential run — throughout her lifetime.

Streisand’s album Walls will be released Nov. 2.

See the video below.