Richard E. Grant Tears Up at Barbra Streisand Reply to Fan Letter He Wrote When He Was 14

Richard E. Grant - Barbra Streisand-Getty-Split-H 2019
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Netflix

"I cannot begin to properly express what your generous reply has meant to me! THANK YOU. And most especially for NOT calling Security to have me arrested!!" the actor wrote to the 'Funny Girl' actress, who originally responded to a photo of him outside of her house.

Richard E. Grant's childhood dreams came true when Barbra Streisand responded to him on Twitter.

The actor, who was recently nominated for an Academy Award for his role in Can You Ever Forgive Me?, was brought to tears when Streisand responded to a tweet he wrote about visiting her home.

"As a lifelong fan of someone you’ll understand what it meant for me to take this snap outside the home of @BarbraStreisand," he tweeted Tuesday. "Asked Security for permission & he replied ‘It’s a public road, but thanks for asking’ Wrote her this letter when I was 14. My wife is very understanding!"

The post was accompanied by the photo of the letter Grant wrote to Streisand and the selfie he took outside of her home.

"Since seeing Funny Girl we, my family that is, and I have been very big fans. I have followed your career avidly. We have all your records," he wrote in the letter. "I am fourteen years old. I read in the paper you were feeling very tired and pressurized by your fame and failed romance with Mr. Ryan O'Neal. I would like to offer you a two-week holiday, or longer, at our house, which is very beautiful with a pool and a magnificent view of Ezulwini Valley."

The letter concluded with a quote from William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream that Grant hoped would "reassure" her to stay with his family at their home in Swaziland.

Streisand responded to Grant's tweet later on Tuesday. "Dear Richard What a wonderful letter you wrote me when u were 14 ! and look at u now!" she wrote. "You're terrific in your latest movie with Melissa congratulations and love Barbra."

Grant soon retweeted Streisand's response and replied, "I cannot begin to properly express what your generous reply has meant to me! THANK YOU. And most especially for NOT calling Security to have me arrested!!" The tweet ended with six heart emojis.

The actor later shared a teary eyed photo of himself that a friend took as his daughter read Streisand's response to his original tweet. "My pal Nicole Wilcox took this photo as my daughter read me @BarbraStreisand‘s tweet/response to a letter I sent her 47 yrs ago," he wrote along with the picture. "Am completely crinkle faced & overcome with emotion. My ‘Message in a bottle’ miracle."

Grant spoke further about his exchange with Streisand during a taping of The Hollywood Reporter's Awards Chatter podcast.

During the conversation, host Scott Feinberg asked about the low points of Grant's life that took place when he was 14.

"I have two answers to that and one is very opposite today," he said. "When I was 14, I wrote a fan letter to Barbra Streisand and I tweeted that today, having gone to Malibu yesterday on my day off. I parked outside her house and I took a selfie with the permission of security, who said, 'It's a public space. You do not need permission. Thanks for asking.'"

He then shared that he posted the letter and selfie on Twitter. "Today, completely to my utter and bewildering astonishment, she replied and didn't call security, which is an astonishment to me, so I'm not in jail which is why I can speak to you now," he said.