Bare Breasts on German Trailer Too Much For Google

Glimpse of a naked bosom leads search engine to ban banner ads for commune comedy "Summer In Orange."

COLOGNE, Germany - Google has refused to book trailer ads for the new German comedy Summer in Orange because the trailer shows a brief glimpse of actress Petra Schmidt-Schaller's bare breasts.

The film tells the story of a group of hippies in the 1980s who set up a free love commune in the arch conservative Bavarian countryside. Summer in Orange bows in Germany this week through indie Majestic Filmverleih and its distribution partner 20th Century Fox.

The Summer in Orange trailer was given the German equivalent of a G-rating and approved for all audiences. It is still available online, also on Google-subsidiary YouTube. You can watch it here.

According to Majestic, Google said the brief nudity violated the company's policy against showing non G-rated material. Google Germany could not be reached for comment. Summer In Orange is the latest from German director Marcus H. Rosenmuller, whose debut, Grave Decisions (2006) was a sleeper hit, earning around $15 million at the German box office.