Barkin's company sues ex-husband Perelman


NEW YORK -- Actress Ellen Barkin's film company is suing her ex-husband, Revlon chairman and billionaire financier Ron Perelman, saying he never delivered on a promised payment of about $3 million.

Perelman has not paid Manhattan-based Applehead Pictures LLC any money since February 2006, when he signed a written agreement to give the company $3.4 million in eight installments, according to the lawsuit, which was filed late on Wednesday in New York Supreme Court.

Christine Taylor, a spokeswoman for Perelman, said she had not seen the lawsuit and could not comment.

Barkin, Perelman and Barkin's brother, screenwriter George Barkin, created Applehead in 2005.

Late that year, Perelman made the first and only payment to Applehead of $468,160, according to the lawsuit.

In February 2006, when Applehead said Perelman signed the agreement, the couple had split up and was wrangling over the terms of alimony payments.

Numerous attempts by Applehead to collect the payments were ignored, the lawsuit said.

"This is a simple contract dispute. There was a signed agreement to pay money. That money was not paid," Jacob Buchdahl, a lawyer for Applehead, said on Thursday.

Buchdahl said the money Applehead is seeking is for the company's operating budget.