Barnes & Noble Takes Nook International

Barnes & Noble Nook - PR image - P -2011

The ereader will be available in the UK starting in October, marking the first international expansion for the biggest American rival to Amazon's Kindle.

Barnes & Noble is opening its first international beachhead for its Nook ereaders.

The company will launch the Nook in the United Kingdom in October via a new digital storefront and to-be-announced retail partners.

Initially, the company will offer just its Nook Simple Touch and Simple Touch with Glow Light ereaders.

Nook readers will have about 2.5 million titles to choose at the debut.

B&N did not disclose pricing U.K. pricing for but expect it to be competitive with Amazon's pricing for the Kindle, which is £89 the basic kindle and £109 for the Kindle Touch (U.S. prices for the same are $79 and $99 respectively).

B&N is late to the international game, with Amazon and Kobo already selling ereaders, but it is not behind Amazon, which has yet to launch the Fire in the UK, in the tablet space.

Both companies lag behind Google (with its Nexus 7) and Samsung (with its Galaxy Tab line), which have already launched Android tablets in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe.

Neither company has announced an exact date when its more powerful Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire Tablets will hit the UK market.

In the United States both companies are expected to launch new models soon, with a new Kindle expected very soon. Still, the clear leader is Apple, which has long had an international presence, offering its iPad and iTunes store in a vast range of countries. According to the Associated Press, the iPad controls about 70 percent of worldwide tablet market.