Barrett gets 'Bionic' for NBC


Thirty years after he hung out on the set of the ABC series "The Bionic Woman" as a little boy, David Barrett is getting the chance to work on NBC's reimagination of the classic series.

Barrett has been tapped as a director/co-executive producer on NBC's upcoming action drama "Bionic Woman." He is directing the important second episode of the show, which bridges the pilot with the rest of the series.

"David is great with visual style and giving the show a cinematic look," said Elisa Roth, senior vp drama programming at Universal Media Studios, which produces the series. "He is also a great storyteller and a great team player."

Barrett, son of well-known stuntman Stan Barrett, grew up on movie and TV sets and knew early on that he wanted to be a director — and definitely not a stuntman.

But he did follow in his father's footsteps doing stunt work on about 60 features and series, including "Spider-Man" and "The Matrix Reloaded" until he got his break as a second unit director on the 1999 film "Stigmata."

In 2001, he directed an episode of the Fox series "FreakyLinks." He followed that up with episodes of Fox's "Fastlane" and "The O.C." and WB Network's "Smallville."

Along the way, he pitched the story of his family centered on the Mammoth Mountain ski area owned by his grandfather. It became the WB drama series "The Mountain," on which he served as executive producer.

Barrett most recently was director/supervising producer on NBC's "E-Ring" and CBS' "Cold Case."

Barrett believes his action background directing high-octane episodes of "Fastlane" and "E-Ring" as well as his stunt expertise were the perfect preparation for "Bionic."

In his work on the show, he plans to rely very little on special effects, opting instead to go for real on-camera action as well as to explore the dramatic story at the core of the series.

Barrett, who is attached to direct his first feature, "Fully Automatic," for Warner Bros. Pictures, is repped by CAA and attorney David Feldman.
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