Barry Diller's IAC Pitching Jim Henson Co. Sitcom, Animated Series (Exclusive)

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Notional's newest division is focusing on original scripted series, with a dozen scripts already in development.

IAC Chairman Barry Diller and CollegeHumor creator Ricky Van Veen are getting back into the scripted TV business.

Through their two-year-old production company, Notional, they have created a new division focused on the development of original scripted content. The company has been developing a dozen scripted formats since October, getting into business with writers, talent and studios. They have seven series already in production, including a game show format and efforts in France and Japan.

The IAC division, which is repped by CAA, is now in pitching mode, preparing to peddle a sitcom with the Jim Henson Company (Puppet Love), a procedural with Numb3rs writer Sean Crouch (House Arrest) and an hour-long animated drama with writer Greg Navarro (G.D. Justice).

“Our two filters are very simple,” said Notional president Dave Noll. “We’re looking for scripted projects that are wildly original – jump off the screen, blow your mind stuff – and that have global potential. All three of these fit that description.”

Adds Notional SVP Chachi Senior  “We’ve divided the scripted pitching season into two cycles. In this first cycle, we’re taking out one procedural, one sitcom and – for what we think is the first time ever – one 60 minute, animated action/dramatic series. In the coming weeks, we’ll have a few new projects ready for the second cycle.”

Puppet Love is billed as a classic romantic sitcom in the tradition ofI Love Lucy, Mad About You and Dharma and Greg, while G.D. Justice is to The Superfriends what Game of Thrones is to Dungeons and Dragons. For its part, Crouch's House Arrest stars a Danny Ocean-type lead under house arrest.


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