Barry Jenkins Just Gave Away Handmade Nancy Pelosi Sweatshirts on Twitter

Barry Jenkins and Nancy Pelosi  -Split-Getty-H 2018
Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/Getty Images; Zach Gibson/Getty Images

The 'Beale Street' director made sweatshirts depicting Pelosi in her popular red Max Mara coat, eliciting orders from Lena Waithe and Reed Morano.

Nancy Pelosi’s power coat is still gaining traction, weeks after she wore it to a meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House, thanks in part to writer director turned designer Barry Jenkins. 

Jenkins, whose film adaptation of the novel If Beale Street Could Talk is nominated for three Golden Globes, took to Twitter on Wednesday asking who wanted one of his homemade sweatshirts that immortalize Pelosi by bearing an image of the newly elected speaker of the House donning the reddish high-collar coat, along with the phrase 'Oh yes she did!" 

"I might make a few more of these ?@NancyPelosi? sweatshirts, would anybody on the timeline want one? ... I might print a small run," Jenkins wrote on Twitter. Among those to take him up on the offer was Lena Waithe, tweeting, "Throw me a large. I got a lot of meetings in the new year!"

Erik Anderson, founder of AwardsWatch, asked for a medium, to which Jenkins tweeted, "I got you but TRUST, these run big, I wear a small in these and I got a few pounds on you boss." "Nothing hot water can’t fix," Anderson replied, and Jenkins said, "When I get these I immediately wash and dry hot, we on the same regimen."

Cinematographer Reed Morano responded, "A medium for me please!" More than 200 more people answered his call, including Hala writer Minhal Baig, GLOW actress Annabella Sciorra, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend writer/producer Audrey Wauchope, Krypton showrunner Cam Welsh, Grimm actress Elizabeth Tulloch and New Girl actress Cindy Chu. Pelosi's own press secretary Taylor Griffin said employees in her office would certainly want one. Jenkins replied, "I got you." 

He received so many requests that within an hour, the Moonlight director said, "Okay damn, I’m gonna cut this off now, can’t quite ship THAT many sweatshirts AND Finish this writing but I’ll hit some/most of y’all up. Berlin, I’ll bring yours to you in a couple weeks." 

Jenkins has been a fan of Pelosi's fierce fashion since day one, tweeting, "Has anybody figured what coat this is she’s wearing? I waited to ask this question, let the seriousness of the situation be properly discussed but... that color is LEGIT and we need to know this" on December 11, the day of her D.C. meeting with Trump. 

The statement coat became so popular online that the brand has promised to re-release it in 2019, according to Glamour.

The House of Representatives convened at 9 a.m. PST on Thursday to begin the new session of Congress and the vote for speaker of the House followed, which confirmed Pelosi as speaker. The government shutdown is now in its 13th day.