Barry Manilow Secretly Married Manager Garry Kief (Report)

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Onstage during the Napa Valley Film Festival on Nov. 9, in Yountville, Calif., Billy Bush asked James Marsden what roles the actor had turned down -- Marsden claimed he wasn't in a position to do so -- and why he's such a big Barry Manilow fan.

The musician reportedly was wed at his Palm Springs house last April.

It turns out 2014 saw a secret wedding come and go without anyone blowing the lid on it — until now.

People magazine reported that Barry Manilow pulled off a secret wedding last year, marrying his manager, Garry Kief, in a private ceremony.

According to People's source, Manilow and Kief invited "20 to 30 guests" to Manilow's Palm Springs house under the guise of a luncheon, which turned out to be a wedding ceremony. People said Manilow and Kief did not sign any paperwork but are wearing wedding bands.

Earlier this year, the adult contemporary-pop legend told Billboard his current tour would be his last one.

"It doesn't mean I'm retiring or anything. I'll do shows, and I'll promote albums if I make any more but no more big tours," Manilow told Billboard. "That's it. It's too much packing. It's 40 years — more than that, really — of packing and waiting for room service. People think it's glamorous, but glamorous is the last word I would use for this job. You don't see anything; you see the inside of your hotel room."

Manilow's rep declined to comment.

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