'Barry' Star Sarah Goldberg Teases a "Darker" Season Two Finale

The actress also discusses diving into Sally’s backstory in season two, and why Sally and Barry's relationship could have a tragic end.

The season two finale of HBO's Barry airs this Sunday, and actress Sarah Goldberg is preparing audiences for one wild ride.

While remaining tight-lipped on how season two wraps up, especially with the cliffhanger in the penultimate episode, she teased to The Hollywood Reporter In Studio, "It just gets darker."

Goldberg's character of Sally is oblivious to the troubles Barry (Bill Hader) has found himself in, saying, "She's not so quick on the uptake because she’s quite distracted by her own stuff."

"It's fun to get to play with that and I mean, I feel for her that she doesn't know the situation that she’s in, and that she's actually with a very dangerous person. There's a huge tragedy to that, and there's a tragedy to both of them that they’re both kind of lost souls, and they've come to the wrong town to heal that."

The actress digs deep into the couple's relationship, telling THR, "I've always said it’s not a love story… I don't know whether it will be a tragic end, but I feel for them that they’re looking for something and they're looking in the wrong places."

Goldberg also discussed diving into Sally's domestic abuse backstory in season two, having been unveiled to audiences in the season one finale.

"I was really excited that Alec [Berg] and Bill wanted to take it there and I'm always up for making it darker, and they were very thoughtful about how we were going to go about telling that story and we were all quite vigilant in what we wanted to say, and we ultimately were living in century times and in very stressful times around this topic, and so we wanted to really do Sally justice and tell her story."

She continued: "She's not a representative of every woman, god-willing, hopefully, but at the same time, we had an eye on the macro and what was going on in the world as we were shooting. So, it definitely informed what we're doing."

The season two finale of Barry airs Sunday at 10 p.m. on HBO.

Watch the video above to hear Goldberg discuss working with Hader and Henry Winkler, how Hader entertains the cast on set and more.