Bartiromo rings N.Y. Stock Exchange bell

CNBC celebrates 15 years of trading floor TV action

CNBC "money honey" Maria Bartiromo herself got to ring Wednesday's opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange as she marked her 15 year anniversary in trading floor TV action.

Bartiromo was the first person to broadcast live from the floor.

Flanked by fellow anchor Mark Haines, CNBC president Mark Hoffman and others, she rang the opening bell before sharing some thoughts on how the stock exchange has changed with the audience. "The Dow was at 4500," she recalled the time of her debut. And instead of 1,100 people, 3,000 traders ran across the NYSE's floor.

"Frankly, i was in their way," Bartiromo said in remembering one NYSE board member who, she said, particularly hated her being on the floor. "Technology has really changed everything."

Haines chimed in at that point, quipping that watching traders bump into Bartiromo at times felt "like watching a pinball."

Bartiromo said it was all worth it though as she and the rest of CNBC began to share investment bank's morning stock calls with the broader public. "We really made a difference for the individual investor," Bartiromo said. "It's been an honor to be on this team."

The CNBC star's new book "The Weekend That Changed Wall Street" comes out next month.
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