Felicity Jones Fights for Gender Equality as Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 'On the Basis of Sex' Trailer

The drama also stars Armie Hammer, Justin Theroux, Kathy Bates and Sam Waterston.

The second trailer for On the Basis of Sex was released Tuesday.

Felicity Jones stars as Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the Focus Features and Participant Media drama. The film follows the Supreme Court Justice's fight for gender equality.

After struggling with sexism while studying to earn her degree at Harvard Law School, Ginsburg and her husband, Marty (Armie Hammer), team up to argue the 1972 case Moritz v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue before the U.S. Court of Appeals. The pro bono work the duo did ultimately set the stage to overturn more than a century's worth of gender discrimination.

Mimi Leder directed the film, while Daniel Stiepleman penned the script. Justin Theroux, Kathy Bates and Sam Waterston round out the cast.

The latest trailer opens with attorney Erwin Griswold (Waterston) welcoming a number of female law students to a dinner. "Ladies, lets go around the table and report who you are and why you're occupying a place that would've gone to a man," he says.

The women look around uncomfortably until Ginsburg stands up to introduce herself. After sharing that her husband is in his second year at Harvard, she says that she enrolled "to learn more about his work, so I can be a more patient and understanding wife." The comment earns subtle laughs from her fellow classmates.

The trailer further elaborates on Ginsburg's efforts to participate in the case. While she receives support from her husband, other men — including Griswold — are outspoken about their skepticism.

"These laws are obstacles to our children's aspirations," Ginsburg later says as clips that showcase her personal life played.

The trailer concludes with Ginsburg appearing in court to argue for gender equality. A judge states, "The word 'woman' does not appear even once in the U.S. Constitution." Bader Ginsburg responds, "Nor does the word 'freedom,' your honor."

The drama follows Julie Cohen and Betsy West's Ginsburg documentary, RBG, which was a box-office success this summer.

On the Basis of Sex will be released in theaters Dec. 25. Watch the full trailer above.