Owen Wilson, Ed Helms Take a Road Trip to Find Their Father in 'Bastards' Trailer

Bastards Trailer Still - H 2016
Screengrab/Warner Bros. Pictures

Bastards Trailer Still - H 2016

The R-rated comedy stars Glenn Close as the duo's mother and J.K. Simmons, Terry Bradshaw and Ving Rhames as potential dads.

Owen Wilson and Ed Helms are on a mission: to find their real dad. The duo star as brothers who set out on a road trip after their mother (played by Glenn Close) reveals she's unclear who their biological father is.

Wilson and Helms' journey to meet the various men once involved with their mother leads them to Whiplash's J.K. Simmons, former Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw and Mission: Impossible's Ving Rhames.

Simmons is seen yelling, "There are no way those two jackasses are my kids! They look like a couple of dickheads!" while Rhames talks of his promiscuous past with their mother, until realizing he's talking to her sons. He then exclaims, "All we did was cuddle!" Bradshaw (who plays himself) says, "She damn near cost us the Super Bowl."

Katt Williams also stars in the comedy as an additional passenger picked up along the way during Wilson and Helms' road trip, during which they land in crazy situations including a near-death experience with an approaching train.

Warner Bros. and Alcon Entertainment's Bastards is directed by Hangover series cinematographer Lawrence Sher. It's slated to hit theaters Jan. 27, 2017.