'Battle of the Sexes' Star Natalie Morales Slams Paparazzi Over Intrusive Images

Natalie Morales - Getty - P 2017
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

"What a disgusting, horrifying job you have," she wrote.

Natalie Morales is calling out the paparazzi for invading her privacy and taking a photo under her skirt while at a red-carpet event promoting the film Battle of the Sexes.

The actress first took to Twitter on Tuesday to address the situation and slam the "disgusting, horrifying job" of the paparazzi. 

"So someone sent me photos of me having what they called a "wardrobe malfunction" at last weekend's premiere of Battle of the Sexes," she began. "These are pictures they PURPOSELY took up my skirt TO GET A SHOT of my vag."

In a series of tweets, Morales called out the photographers for trying to exploit her body. "These are photogs who go to red carpets to take photos of women.. to what, embarrass them? Because they have bodies under clothes?" she wrote. "So you're gonna come to an event that I've waited my whole life for, that I'm super proud of, to try and exploit my body? For your gain?"

She added: "What a disgusting, horrifying job you have."

After causing a stir online, Morales took to Twitter again on Wednesday to elaborate on her previous comments.

"This is not, at its root, a 'celebrity' problem. This is a problem with how we tear down women and reduce them to a sum of body parts, to be at once both sexualized and shamed," she stated. "We are held to an impossible standard, where our bodies and our faces must be perfect and if for one second we are in any way human, like say, just walking around, doing our jobs — we are torn down. Well, you cannot tear me down."

Morales' statement can be read in full in the below tweet.