'Battlestar' to stick to the small screen


Sci Fi unveils 'Battlestar' prequel

NEW YORK -- "Battlestar Galactica" isn't headed the big-screen route as other sci-fi franchises have gone before.

"I think the series works best as an ensemble TV drama," said Ronald D. Moore, an executive producer of the Sci Fi Channel hit that will end this year after four critically acclaimed seasons. "If it translated into a feature it would be a different animal."

Moore said he's been that route with "Star Trek" and found that the movies become focused on one or two characters with the rest of the show's characters mostly fading into the background. He said the "Next Generation" movies ended up focusing on Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Commander Data. The others, Moore said, did "one scene for their character and the rest of the time they were essentially support to Patrick (Stewart) and Brent (Spiner)."

Moore and executive producer David Eick and the cast were mum on any details of the top-secret plot for the upcoming season -- the cast had a meeting where they were told not to divulge any details. But Moore said that the remaining 20 episodes of "Battlestar" tie up most of the loose ends and a movie wouldn't be required to further the storyline.

Although, he said, it wasn't going to be all the loose ends. Moore said some would be ambiguous by design.

"Battlestar Galactica" was affected by the writers strike, shutting down production after the 11th episode. The writers had a working plan where the show would go, but Moore said plans changed following the strike. He said that, while walking the picket line, he started thinking about the show, and when the writers got back he guided them about a clearer vision for the show.