B'band Emmys into PBS, Wash. Post


The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences on Tuesday announced its broadband Emmy nominees for original news and documentary content, with PBS and the Washington Post leading the pack with four nominations each.

The announcement followed Monday's interim ruling by the American Arbitrators Assn. that NATAS and its rival Academy of Television Arts & Sciences can't make any new announcements regarding digital-based Emmy Awards with the caveat that the ruling does not apply to ongoing awards like the Broadband Emmys.

NATAS and ATAS have been in a continuing dispute over which academy will present the statuettes honoring content in the new-media arena and the way in which the awards should be handled with respect to new-media programming.

Tuesday's nominations represent four categories: current news coverage; documentary/nonfiction; arts, lifestyle and culture; and regional news coverage. They cover the creation of video for the Internet, cell phones and portable media players and devices.

"We are seeing many media companies that built their reputations in print reporting now excelling in news and documentary production for small-screen television," NATAS president and CEO Peter Price said.

PBS .org's nominations were for its "Frontline" segments "Chicago: Little Mexico," in the current news category, and "France: Soundtrack to a Riot" in documentary/nonfiction.

WashingtonPost.com received three of its nominations in the latter category for "Being a Black Man," "Contamination and a Crusade" and "Crisis in Darfur Expands."

Other nominees include "Ice Fishing," from the Detroit Free Press' Freep.com in the category of outstanding arts, lifestyle and culture; and "Prisoners Guide Teens on Tour of San Quentin," from San Francisco Chronicle Video Reports at SFGate.com.

Other nominees include Mediastorm.org, Stagework.org.uk, NationalGeographic.com, Newsweek.com and Songofsongs.tv.

Price said that "Song of Songs" entered the competition through a MySpace promotion that NATAS began this year to reach out to user-generated video producers.

The 28th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards will be presented Sept. 24 in New York.

Nominees in 28 additional categories will be announced July 17.
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