BBC Appoints Ian Katz and Jamie Angus as Newsnight and Today Editors

Guardian deputy editor will run the BBC2 current affairs show, while Newsnight deputy will head Radio 4’s breakfast program.

The BBC has appointed new editors of flagship news shows Newsnight and Today, with Guardian deputy editor Ian Katz taking over the BBC2 show and its deputy editor Jamie Angus moving to the Radio 4 breakfast program, reports the Guardian.

Katz, who has been at the Guardian since 1990, succeeds the program's previous full-time editor, Peter Rippon, who left at the height of the Jimmy Savile scandal in 2012.

Angus, who is currently deputy editor of Newsnight and a senior commissioner for BBC Global News, takes over Today from Ceri Thomas, recently appointed as BBC head of news programs.

Newsnight suffered another damaging blow when it broadcast an erroneous report linking Lord McAlpine to allegations of child sex abuse, resulting in a £185,000 damages payout to the former Tory party treasurer. The disastrous McAlpine report also proved the last straw for director general George Entwistle, who resigned the day following the BBC's admission of the inaccuracy, after just 54 days on the job.