BBC Calls Queen Sex Joke "Serious Breach" of Guidelines

Getty Images
Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh

"The Queen must have had sex at least four times" was among the subjects discussed on a BBC Radio comedy show that also aired on the British monarch's birthday.

A BBC comedy radio show in which several jokes were made about Queen Elizabeth's sex life and aired on the monarch's 90th birthday was in "serious breach" of editorial guidelines, the BBC Trust has found.

The broadcaster's independent governing body slammed the April 21 episode of Don't Make Me Laugh on BBC Radio 4, which saw comedians discuss various subjects, including one that was introduced as "the Queen must have had sex at least four times." The show received more than 100 complaints and apologized the following day.

However, in a statement made Thursday, the BBC Trust said the jokes were "personal, intrusive and demeaning," and while it admitted that the offense was "compounded by the date of the program's transmission," it added that it would be "hard to imagine circumstances in which this broadcast at any time or on any day would not have given rise to significant unjustified offense."

A BBC spokesperson apologized for the show, saying that it "never intended" to coincide with the Queen's birthday but added that BBC Radio 4 comedy was a "broad church and often pushes boundaries."