BBC cuts hit taxis, meals and hotel bills

Executive expenses cut by an average of 18%


LONDON -- After a week in which it cut its executive lineup and made the deputy director general post redundant, the BBC continued its belt tightening Friday with the news it has slashed 12% off its senior management salary bill and cut exec expenses by an average of 18%.

Publishing a line-by-line account of some of its executive spending, the pubcaster said top managers had spent 32% less on cabs, 31% less on entertaining and 16% less on hotel bills.

The moves come as the publicly owned broadcaster seeks to realign its spending amid a climate of unprecedented public spending cut backs in Britain, where some government departments may have budgets slashed by up to 25%.

"The BBC has for some time now recognized that we must change and work harder to convince the public that we are spending the license fee wisely," said BBC chief operating officer Caroline Thomson.

Earlier this year the BBC announced that its executive board members would have an 8% annual pay cut this year and next and that pension top-ups for its senior staff would cease.

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