BBC Defends COO's $3,900 Quarterly Taxi Bill (Report)

Caroline Thomson's cab bills amount to 17 annual license fee payments required from U.K. taxpayers.

LONDON: One of the BBC's most highly-paid executives accounted for more than a tenth of all the taxi expenses claimed by almost 100 senior figures, according to the Independent.

COO Caroline Thomson – who was in the running to be the new director-general – put in claims totaling more than £2,500 ($3,900) for the three-month period ended March.

Thomson, who receives a total remuneration package of £328,000 ($515,300), also claimed back a £2 ($3) cash machine charge from a U.S. visit, according to her latest expenses claims, which have just been published.

Her taxi spend for the period came to £2,551.59 ($4,000), averaging at just over £25.50 ($40) each time she took a cab. Thomson's spend equals 17 license fees required from U.K. taxpayers, said the Independent.

The entire spend for 97 executives over the three months is £24,770 ($38,900), down 11 percent on the previous quarter.

A BBC spokeswoman said: "Caroline Thomson is responsible for the operations division which is based across a number of different locations around the U.K., so her role involves a considerable amount of travel."