BBC Denies 'Sun' Report Claiming $232,000 Was Wasted During Thailand Shoot

The tabloid, owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, had said that a crew working on "Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents" partied after a change in the production schedule.

LONDON – The BBC on Tuesday denied claims that $232,000 (£150,000) were wasted on partying in Thailand as part of a TV show shoot.

BBC Three show Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, produced by independent production firm RDF, follows young people on their first holiday abroad, with their parents spying on them.

The Sun, part of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, reported the production crew spent 10 days "partying" in Phuket, Thailand after one person scheduled to be filmed pulled out of the show. The tabloid said this led to the scrapping of one episode of the series and a waste of license fees that U.K. taxpayers pay to support the public broadcaster.

The BBC said Tuesday that there was "no truth" to the paper's story.

"No episodes of Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents have been axed in this series, and therefore there is no truth to the claim that we have had to write-off £150,000," it said in a joint statement with RDF.

The companies said two sets of friends were supposed to travel to Thailand in June as part of the shoot for the show, but one canceled due to personal reasons.
A new group was recast, they said.

"Production schedules were amended due to a change of contributors, but the production team continued to work and film other material for the series," the statement said.

The BBC also denied that there was a 10-day break in filming and that the shoot amounted to an "all-expenses-paid jaunt," as described by The Sun.

It said scheduling and budget arrangements in Thailand were handled by RDF, whose crew got five days off during the 34-day shoot. All leisure spending by the crew members was paid by the crew, it added.

Concluded RDF and the BBC: "RDF followed all BBC guidelines whilst filming the series and it will deliver in full and for the original BBC program budget."

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