BBC, Directors UK Agree On Working Relationships For Pubcaster’s In-House Productions

Duo produce documents to govern the way directors will work with Beeb when making shows for broadcasting giant.

LONDON – Pubcaster BBC and Directors UK, the fee collecting and lobbying group for British movie and television directors birthed in 2008, have partnered to come up with a blueprint of rights and responsibilities for directors working on the broadcaster’s in-house productions.

The parties have issued two partnership documents, one covering drama and one factual programming.

Roles set out in both include affirming the directors’ copyright in their programs, options for the director to create re-versions and re-edits and options for the director of pilots/first series to direct further series.

BBC director general Mark Thompson, said: “We recognise that directors are pivotal to delivering our output and place importance on growing this relationship in an engaging and meaningful way.”

Directors UK chair Charles Sturridge said: ”The BBC and Directors UK have redefined the creative relationship between directors and the BBC.  Setting out a new and powerful partnership that recognises the central role of the director in every programme and every genre that the BBC produces.”

As part of this new partnership, the BBC and Directors UK will co-operate on a number of initiatives to support the career skills and talent development of directors throughout the U.K.

The partnership will also mean regular high level interaction between the BBC and Directors UK on major strategic issues, the parties claim.

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