BBC to Launch International Version of iPlayer as Subscription App

British catch-up service regularly attracts a million downloads a month.

LONDON -- It has proved the most popular TV catch-up service in the U.K., regularly attracting over a million users per week. Now, an expanded version of the BBC's iPlayer will be launched internationally as a subscription app costing around $10 per month.

The phased rollout, which is expected to begin in Western Europe later this year, will give overseas fans access to hit BBC shows like Doctor Who and Planet Earth outside the UK.

As well as an expanded library of English-language entertainment programs, the international iPlayer will offer subscription access to natural history, food and children's programming, providing a much broader range than is currently available as a free product in the U.K.

BBC Worldwide head of global channels Jana Bennett will make the announcement in a speech at the Banff TV conference later today.