U.K. Ratings Juggernaut 'Great British Bake Off' to Move From BBC to Channel 4

The Great British Bake Off - Everett Collection - One -Time Use - H 2016
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The first 'Bake Off' planned to air on Channel 4 in 2017 will be a celebrity version of the show.

U.K. broadcaster Channel 4 will become the new home of The Great British Bake Off, a hit for public broadcaster BBC and the highest-rated show on British TV last year, after signing a three-year agreement with Sky-owned producer Love Productions.

The latest season, the seventh, of the baking show is currently airing on flagship channel BBC One, with its first episode making about half of all people watching TV at the time tune in.

The first Bake Off planned to air on Channel 4 in 2017 will be a celebrity version of the show.

"Channel 4 is very proud to be the new home for The Great British Bake Off," Jay Hunt, Channel 4's chief creative officer, said Monday in a statement. "I'm delighted we have been able to partner with the hugely talented team at Love Productions to keep this much-loved show on free-to-air television."

Richard McKerrow, Love Productions' creative director, added: "We believe we've found the perfect new home for Bake Off. It's a public service, free-to-air broadcaster for whom Love Productions have produced high quality and highly successful programs for more than a decade."

Negotiations by the BBC had been taking place over the past year, but a final meeting on Monday didn't get Love Productions the price tag it was looking for to keep the show there, BBC News reported. The public broadcaster called Bake Off a "quintessentially BBC program."