BBC offering 'Dancing' voters a refund

Pubcaster's move follows 1,800 complaints

LONDON -- The BBC is to offer a refund to fans of the Saturday night dance extravaganza "Strictly Come Dancing" -- the U.K.'s version of "Dancing With the Stars" -- after the show's producers opted to scrap the viewers' vote when the judges tied in the latest round.

More than 1,800 viewers have complained to the BBC about the decision to scrap the audience vote, which was taken when the judges awarded the two of the three pairs of competitors a tie. This meant that the third pair was forced into a dance-off whatever the public vote, and the judges decided that all three couples should continue to the next round.

BBC head of entertainment production Jon Beazley said the votes would be carried over to the next round and that aggrieved viewers could seek a refund for the cost of their phone vote.

"(Saturday's) votes will count, and that's really important. They have been registered on Saturday and will roll forward," Beazley said on the highlights show "It Takes Two" on Monday night.

"What's also important to say as well is that if somebody is really unhappy about that and they feel very strongly that they want to have a refund from their voting last Saturday, then we will refund that call cost," he added.

Usually a consistent crowd-pleasing hit for the pubcaster, this year's "Dancing" has been caught up in a mire of audience complaints over the way audiences vote versus the show's panel of dance experts. The most recent complaints come just weeks after viewers' favorite John Sergeant quit the show after being consistently voted down by the judges despite consistently winning the audience vote.