BBC Productions Online Digital Ideas Forum Garners Commission

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The online forum for the U.K. public broadcaster's production arm sees an idea commissioned to run during BBC One's flagship early evening magazine show "The One Show."

LONDON – BBCiCreate, the digital idea-sharing platform open to all at BBC Production, a division of the U.K. public broadcaster has birthed its first "strand commission."

The strand, which is chosen for its potential to grow into a full series if successful, will air during the flagship channel BBC One's early evening magazine show The One Show which airs five nights a week.

The commission, named Make My Dream (working title) is described as a "wish fulfilment" show where dreams are made from scratch.

Development executive Kathy Myers identified postings on the BBCiCreate site by Matt Walker and Neil Churchill on similar themes.

Myers introduced Walker and Churchill to the Factual Formats Lab for development work necessary to secure the commission.

Walker, who is BBC Bristol editor of learning, described his experience of BBCiCreate as a place where "ideas really get heard."

Churchill who works with the BBC Political unit added: "Until BBCiCreate came along, there was no outlet for ideas for those who didn't already work in TV production."

Ailsa Orr, head of BBC Production's Innovation Unit and responsible for BBCiCreate said: "BBCiCreate now gives us the ability to bring staff from different parts of the BBC together, source initial program ideas from a wider pool and win more business."

Launched at the beginning of 2013, BBCiCreate has over 1900 active users with 300 ideas generated to date.