BBC to Start Broadcasting in North Korea

AP Images
Kim Jong-un

The secretive state will receive a daily news program from the BBC's World Service radio network.

Kim Jong-un is soon to set to face the unlikely proposition of competition for North Korean ratings.

While it could still be some time before CNN or Fox News opens a local office in Pyongyang, the BBC has revealed that it is expanding into the secretive state.

As part of wide range of new initiatives, the broadcaster announced on Monday that it hopes to soon to begin serving North Korea, offering a daily news program from its World Service network via short wave radio.

Full details are yet to be unveiled, but the news comes just weeks after tensions between North and South Korea flared over a loudspeaker in the south that had been pumping anti-Pyongyang messages over the border. Artillery rounds were fired by both sides before the equipment was removed.   

Other international expansions for the BBC will see more regional content for its BBC Arabic service, with increased coverage of North Africa and the Middle East, plus a news service for Ethiopia and Eritrea on medium and short wave radio. Activity for Russian speakers will also grow, either with a dedicated satellite TV service or a bigger presence on platforms such as YouTube and its Russian equivalent, Rutube.