BBC Talk Star Graham Norton Earned $4 Million in Latest Year

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Graham Norton

Despite the BBC's vow to reduce pay for big-name talent, his hosting fees from the U.K. public broadcaster alone are believed to top $1.5 million.

LONDON – BBC talk show star Graham Norton made $4.05 million (£2.61 million) in the fiscal year ending in July, up 4.4 percent from £2.50 million in the previous year.

He was paid more than $3.88 million (£2.5 million) in talent fees and salary for such jobs as hosting the BBC's The Graham Norton Show and a BBC radio show, the Guardian reported.

That was an increase of 21 percent.

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His BBC talent fees weren't disclosed, but the Guardian said they are believed to have topped $1.55 million (£1 million).

The host is part of a group of 14 stars who received $775,000-$7.75 million (£500,000-£5 million) from the BBC in the most recent fiscal year. The U.K. public broadcaster has been trying to reduce star pay and cut the number of top-paid talent from 16 in the previous year.

Norton's overall $4.05 million in compensation for the latest fiscal year also included production fees and royalties from his production firm So Television, which was acquired last year by British TV giant ITV. He didn't receive a dividend payment as in the previous year.

So Television boosted its pre-tax profit 89 percent in the latest year to $3.6 million (£2.31 million).

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