BBC Website Blocked in China

China Quota Wheel Illustration 2014

BBC is calling the move "deliberate censorship"

The BBC is reporting that it's English language website is being blocked across China. 

No other major news organization is suffering a similar blackout and no reasons have been given as to why the BBC's website is currently inaccessible, but BBC Global News director Peter Horrocks said it appeared to be "deliberate censorship." Horrocks added that the BBC was complaining to the Chinese authorities.

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Although no reasons have yet been offered by the Chinese government for the BBC online blackout, Beijing has been acutely sensitive of reporting of the recent pro-democracy protests in it's special administrative region Hong Kong. 

The Hong Kong protests began on Sept. 26 but escalated two days later when local police used tear gas and pepper spray on predominantly student demonstrators. Following widespread condemnation and a rapid increase in the number of people out on the streets, Chinese authorities shut down photo-sharing app Instagram to stop images and news of the Hong Kong protests reaching people within China. Instagram is still blacked out in large parts of China. 

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